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Debt Settlement Software

Debt Manager LLC provides specialized debt settlement and debt negotiation software to more than 50 top companies in the business. We have some of the most sought-after technology in the debt settlement industry.

Standard features of Debt Manager include:

  • Payment processing through our integration with Global Client Solutions

  • Design your own fee structure with our Plan Configurator

  • Generate contracts with information populated by user-editable tags

  • Built-in email client

  • Built-in fax by email client

  • Run multiple sub-companies from 1 site

  • Built-in E-Signature service interface

  • Import leads by spreadsheet, email or website form and track your lead costs

  • Extensive reporting and graphs included

  • Sample industry documents included

  • Each of your clients are provided their own website to view their progress.

  • Affiliates module is available for purchased systems.

Debt Manager was built specifically for the debt settlement industry and allows you to manage your clients from start to finish.

Debt Manager, LLC has unparalleled state of the art product add-ons and continues to be the leading innovating debt settlement software firm

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If your debt settlement or debt negotiation agency wants to enjoy a full featured, fast, efficient solution that will run your agency exactly as you need it to, Debt Manager is the best choice. There are other options, but these are software systems that were originally created for credit counseling companies, which have very different financial processes and customer relations problems that do not "match" the situations you have in negotiating settlements for your clients, or in dealing with creditor relations. Developers have written changes into these systems to adapt them to debt settlement and negotiation services, but this is not the same as having a dedicated solution.

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